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The house-Museum of D. P. Bagaeva

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Memorial house-Museum of D. P. Bagaeva was opened in January 2001 in Pavlodar. Here was the life of a local historian and chronicler of the Pavlodar region, the founder and first Director of the Regional history Museum, an outstanding photographer known far beyond the borders of the country, Dmitry Polikarpovich Bagaeva.

D. Bagayev was born in September 1984 in the village of the Mists of Vyatka province (now Kirov oblast). In Pavlodar he moved in 1899 to work. In 1905, D. Bagaev, opened the first photographic Studio of Pavlodar. Having a proactive attitude, outstanding master managed to reflect the entire history of the edge in documentary photography.

The Museum building is a historical and architectural monument of bourgeois life of the late XIX century House-Museum of D. P. Bagaeva is the only memorial Museum in Pavlodar, the only Museum photographer in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Furnished in an old house for the most part preserved intact, especially that part of it which was used by the master as the interior of the store. Also to this day preserved and photo supplies. Preserved and pavilion opening of the Museum has undergone a major restoration.

In the exposition of original things D. Bagaeva, Dating from early in the first half of the twentieth century, photographic equipment, and most importantly - the creative works of the photographer - his photographs, which capture the history of the region more than half a century. In the house Museum also hosts exhibitions of contemporary photographers from the cities of Kazakhstan (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda, Almaty, Temirtau) and from other countries (Russia, Germany, Argentina).

In addition, the memorial house-Museum organizes exchange exhibitions to promote creativity Dmitry Polikarpovich Bagaeva and experience of local residents with a photographic heritage related museums.