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Russian drama theatre. M. Y. Lermontov

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State academic Russian drama theatre named after M. Y. Lermontov is one of the cultural attractions of the city of Almaty. Russian drama theatre was founded in 1933 and Its first Director was J. L. rutkovskiy, and actors. Ashirov, E. Kruchinina, M. brand, Z. Marine, and many others. In the first years of its existence the theater staged a lot of plays - an average of eight Prime in a year.

In 1964, on the 150th anniversary of the birthday of the great poet Mikhail Lermontov, the theater was given his name. A couple of years on the theatrical stage was set for the legendary play "the Lieutenant Lermontov" by K. Paustovsky. Starting in 1969 and 1974 Russian drama theater worked under the guidance of people's artist of the Kazakh SSR Mar Sulimov, due to which there were many interesting performances. In 1974, after a successful tour in Moscow theater was awarded the title of academic.

In 1983, on the 50th anniversary of the theatre, the collective was awarded the order of Friendship of Peoples. In 1983, the artistic Director of the theater was named people's artist of the Republic - Ruben Andriasyan. He is the artistic Director of Russian dramatic theater named after M. Lermontov today.

In the 90s of the institution through very difficult times. But despite this, the drama theatre and then sought to use for my productions the best literature. In this difficult time on the stage has staged such productions as "heart of a Dog" by M. Bulgakov, "Three sisters" of A. Chekhov "hamlet" by W. Shakespeare, "Memorial prayer" Gorin, and so on.

In 2006, the State academic Russian drama theatre closed for major repairs. During the renovation in the theatre has a stage sound and lighting equipment, the newest systems of heating and air conditioning. The restoration work lasted almost three years. Opening of the renovated theatre took place in December 2008 At present, the theatre's repertoire consists of productions of Russian and world literature.