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Karaganda ecological Museum is the only of its kind Museum, not only in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the whole CIS. Grand opening of the Museum took place in 1995, Its creators, experiencing the complicated environmental situation in the country, pursued a noble goal: to protect and develop the ecological culture, to provide people with information about all kinds of problems relating to ecology, to involve local residents to participate in environmental activities.

Karaganda ecological Museum - a membership organisation attracting volunteers who take part in different activities relating to the conservation and protection of the environment. At the tourist information centre, created at the Museum, everyone can see the sights of the city and the country, to learn about interesting trails and more. The Museum staff are engaged in active research activities, organize a scientific expedition.

The main part of the exhibition halls Karaganda ecological Museum dedicated to the problems of space exploration, which is currently very topical for Kazakhstan. At the moment the main objects of research are: the famous Baikonur cosmodrome, the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, missile Sary Shagan and so on. In the collection of ecological Museum houses many exhibits that were collected throughout the country. Among them there are even fragments of missiles and aircraft, military and industrial equipment of the Soviet and post-Soviet years.

Only Museum features 14 exhibits on environmental issues. In addition, the Museum is a host of about hundreds of temporary exhibitions not only in Kazakhstan but also beyond.