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Pavlodar regional art Museum in the city of Pavlodar was founded in 1964 on the basis of the art Department of the regional history Museum. The basis was taken the 46 works from the Kazakh state art gallery named after T. Shevchenko. In 1965, Tselinograd city Department of culture gave the Museum 103 the works of famous Moscow artists. Another part of the works were donated to the Museum by Ministry of culture of the USSR and the State Tretyakov gallery.

The opening of the Museum took place in December 1965 At that point in time in its funds, there were 369 units. In 1979, the Museum has provided a new building where it is located today. For all time of its existence, the Museum was able to create a unique collection of painting, sculpture, graphics and decorative-applied art. Today the Museum collections number more than 5,500 amazing exhibits.

The Museum's collection gives a good overview of the development of Soviet art from the 20's to the 80-ies of the twentieth century. Among the most valuable Museum exhibits that reflect the history of the development of art in the Republic of Kazakhstan - the landscapes created in the first half of the twentieth century Kazakh artist Khludov, N. Soloviev, A. Bortnikov, A. By Kasteeva. The real pride of the collection of the Pavlodar regional art Museum are the paintings of the outstanding Russian artist V. Baturin, who lived in town from 1919 to 1920

The Museum collection presents individual works of the masters of Russian avant-garde 20-30-ies: S. Zaklikovskaya, V. Lebedev, A. Tyshler, R. Falk, N. Lapshin, V. Aperta, N. Kostrova, I. Grabar, representatives of the Moscow avant-garde of the 50's and 60's.: A. slepysheva, V. Weisberg, Zverev, A. Kharitonov, M. Grobman, Dmitry Plavinsky, Lev Kropivnitsky. The art of the 70s-80s is connected with the names: M. Rappoport, N. Nesterova, R. Khal'fina, O. Bulgakova, J. Elkina, A. Sitnikov, R. Khal'fina.

As for the graphics collection, it includes such artists as: I. Isabaev, E. Sidorkin, A. Guriev. A special place in this section belongs to the works of S. Kalmykov. In addition, in the Pavlodar regional art Museum houses the works of well-known Pavlodar artists and schedules 50-90-ies: P. Velichko, A. Bibin, Alexander Gulin, K. Baymoldina, M. Kolmogorov and P. Lysenko.