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Karaganda regional Museum of fine arts

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Karaganda regional Museum of fine arts is one of the cultural institutions of the city. First of all, the Museum is interesting for its unique and rich collections. Despite the fact that the Museum has a short history, its managers and employees managed to collect an amazing collection.

The Museum was opened in September 1988 as a Department of fine arts regional Museum, but a year later he was awarded the status of a Museum of fine art. Today in the Arsenal Museum has a rich collection of art objects. Its funds consist of the following sections: painting Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan graphics, decorative-applied art of Kazakhstan, bookplates, sculpture of Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as paintings, graphics, decorative-applied art of the CIS and far abroad.

The Museum collection was gathered gradually through the efforts and enthusiasm of many people. Originally the collection was comprised of works that were donated to the Museum of Karaganda artists, a little later the Museum was supplemented by works donated to the Museum by different organizations. For example, the works of famous Kazakhstan artists: G. Ismailova, E. Sidorkin, K. Telzhanov, A. Kasteev, A. Galimbaeva, L. Leontyeva and S. Mambeev and many other artists came from WXH Kazakhstan. Due to the huge work and creative collaboration of the Museum collection was replenished by the works of the representative of the EAST S. Luchishkin, works of famous Moscow artist I. Ruban, prints boards, 1905 J. Malusa.

The special interest of the visitors of the Museum are the collection, entitled "Forgotten names", which tells about Soviet artists who lived in Karaganda in 30-50-ies. a collection of bookplates, acquired by the Museum thanks to the famous connoisseur of this art form S. Ilinskomu.

In addition, Karaganda Museum of fine arts is engaged in exposition and exhibition activities. Here are the traditional reporting exhibition of Karaganda artists, solo exhibitions, exhibitions, competitions, thematic, commemorative and memorial exhibition. The Museum collection is regularly updated with new interesting and unique exhibits.