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Theatre of Opera and ballet named after Abay

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Theatre of Opera and ballet named after Abay is one of the cultural attractions of the capital of Kazakhstan Almaty.

In 1933, in the town opened a music Studio, and in 1934 at its base, the opening of the theatre. In 1938 the stage was set for the first staging of the Kazakh ballet "Kalkaman and Mamyr".

In 1941, the troupe moved to a new building designed by the architects T. after Bassenov and N. Prost. It was not only the largest and most monumental building in the city, but the whole event in the architectural life of the Republic because for the first time in the construction of this building has raised questions of national architecture. The theater building is a three-story, rectangular brick building. The main facade overlooks the square and is characterized by large, monumental forms. In 1945, the theatre of Opera and ballet was named after a famous Kazakh poet Abai.

At different times in the theater worked fruitfully choreographers such as D. Abirov, A. Seleznev, Yu. Kovalyov, conductor V. Rutter, I. Zak, B. Amanbaev, Dugashev, Z. Rabaev, F. Mansurov, artists G. Ismailova and A. Nenashev.

In the 1990s, a difficult period in the life of cultural institutions. In 1996, the theatre began restoration work, which lasted several years. The opening of the theatre after restoration took place in 2001 In the first years after the opening of active work on the restoration of the best performances of the theater and its repertoire.

Currently, the Theatre of Opera and ballet named after Abay in Almaty is the flagman of musical art of the country. The basis of the creative staff of the theatre are the famous master of scene, and the young talents - winners of different prestigious international contests, which have received world recognition. The repertoire consists of ballet and Opera productions of works of the Kazakhstan authors and world classics.