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Museum of literature and art. Bukhar Zhyrau

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Museum of literature and art named after Bukhar Zhyrau is located in the historical city centre, in a unique building which is a monument of wooden architecture. This building was built in 1897 and is today recognized as the most beautiful monument of wooden architecture, not only Pavlodar, but in the entire Republic of Kazakhstan.

Interesting and the history of the construction of this monument of architecture. According to historical data it is known that it is here that merchant Fattah Ramazanov began the construction of a mosque. However during the construction the builders were serious violations, resulting to religious buildings had to choose another place. The former construction Fattah Ramazanov did not stop and in the heart of the city there is a magnificent carved building.

In 1992 the building was opened an amazing Museum of literature and art named after the outstanding fellow - poet and thinker of the XVIII century, personal assistant and adviser to Ablai Khan, Bukhar Zhyrau. Work Bukhar Zhyrau played an important role in the development of the Kazakh poetry of the XVIII century the Main theme of the works of Bukhara was peace, unity and love for his people. The exhibition area of the Museum is more than 290 sq. m. the Museum collection is in 8 comfortable and spacious rooms. In the main Fund of the Museum consists 13720 exhibits.

Hall of folklore presents all types of Kazakh national folklore and folk art created by popular authors, whose names remain unknown. One of the Museum halls is devoted to ancient Turkic literature, as well as luminaries of the middle ages, such as Zh. balasaguni, Dulati and others.

The exposition of the Museum the "Hall of modern literature" acquaint visitors with the works of such poets and writers as M. Alimbaev, R. Tokhtarov, A. zhaksybayev, K. Idrisov, A. Samenov, M. Zhamanbalinov, K. Isabaev, D. Priymak and others. Of most interest to visitors is the hall of "Literary friendship". It is here that the reconstructed fragment of a study of the Russian writer Vsevolod Ivanov. In addition, there is exposure to the work of writers A. Sorokin, N. Rough, R. Pflug, P. Vasilyev and N. Wacker.

In a hall "Art" the visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the musical talents of Pavlodar region - singers-composers Zhayau Musa by Baranovym, E. by Berkimbaeva, M. Shamsutdinova and artists by K. Baranovym, by B. Zhylkybaev, sh by Imanova, by K. Kenzhetaev, K. Strunino, I. Chistyakov, F. Mironova, and many others.