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North-Kazakhstan theater of dolls

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Its first visitors to the puppet theatre of Petropavlovsk adopted in 1990, It was the premiere of the play based on the work by A. Milne "Winnie-the-Pooh and all-all-all". The first five years in the Peter and Paul puppet theatre worked with a troupe of Directors and actors who have been specially invited from different puppet theatres of the cities of Russia. During its existence the North-Kazakhstan theater of dolls produced more than 45 amazing performances, to see which received more than a million viewers. Each delivered a performance was appreciated.

Today the puppet theatre is very popular in the city. Directors and actors are in constant creative search, adding to your repertoire of new and interesting productions.

In the tradition of North-Kazakhstan theater of dolls - an exchange tour with the Kurgan puppet show "Gulliver" and Omsk puppet theatre "Arlekin". Peter and Paul in the puppet theater there is a lot of interesting events. It worked, and has a large number of talented people who made an enormous contribution to the establishment and creative development of the theatre. A friendly young team has a powerful creative potential.

However, the main value in North Kazakhstan puppet theatre is its devoted audience. It is here that young fans of theatre arts studying hard to make friends, to empathize and to love, to care for the weak and defenseless. Due to its audience, the theater creates a new interesting performances, confident in the future!