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Center of business cooperation "Atakent"

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Center of business cooperation "Atakent" is one of the cultural attractions of the city of Almaty. History of the center began in the 1960-ies of the last century, when ten pavilions, the opening of the exhibition of achievements of culture, science and economy, which presented unique exhibits of heavy industry, construction and agricultural machinery.

In the 90-ies changed the centre's operations, with the result that the former VDNKH has become a modern Center of business cooperation. The centre's main objective was the revival of domestic production and the expansion of economic ties with other post-Soviet States. Many of the above proposals has been the Foundation of the joint company. This idea is supported by the Government and it was approved by President N. Nazarbayev.

In August 1992, the government of the Republic was officially established Kazakhstan center of business cooperation "Atakent". Today the territory of "Atakent" is an example of the harmonious cooperation of the business and entertainment part.

At the annual fairs are a wide range of products. The center "Atakent" located the trading house "Karkara" to visit and hassle-free to make appropriate and affordable purchases, "Interfernece" offering materials for office, home, and commercial building "Eurolux", where you can buy or order the furniture.

Centre for business cooperation offers its guests not only to see new modern equipment, but also to feel all the charm of traditional national cuisine. On site there are restaurants and cafes offering delicious dishes. In addition, there are several entertainment leisure centers and sports centre "Delfin". However, the main Centre for business cooperation "Atakent" and remains the exhibition business.