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Kapchagai reservoir

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Kapchagai reservoir - one of the largest artificial reservoirs for irrigation needs in the CIS. The reservoir is located near the city of Kapchagay, Almaty oblast. From Almaty to the reservoir paved highway.

Kapchagai reservoir was created in 1970 as a result of damming of a river Or in Kapchagai gorge. On the left side a fall in the tributaries of the rivers ili, Charyn, Kaskelen, Talgar Turgen, Issyk and Chilik. The total capacity of the Kapchagay reservoir is 28,14 billion cubic meters, maximum depth - 42 meters width - 25 km, length 110 km the Left Bank floodplain, right - root.

In 1965-1980 was built the Kapchagai hydroelectric station and dam. Target Kapchagai HPP is situated between high rocky banks in a narrow space Or channel. The composition of the bulk dam and embankment performance included: four turbines and two construction and operational spillway tunnel, and, of course, itself a hydroelectric station. The length of the dam crest was 370 m and 470 m, a height of 56 m and 50 m, width 270 m and 450 m. the hydroelectric Power station at rated head of 40 m 433 thousand kW, the electricity generation of about 1163 million kWh/year.

On the East coast of Kapchagay reservoir is a well-known Almaty nature reserve.

On the right Bank of the city of Kapchagai to the Bacteria hosted by the local recreation areas. For example, in the Bacteria is a zone of rest "Golden Sands", a little further sanatorium "metallurg", and further still, opposite the island of the Badger, placed the recreation area.

In addition, the Kapchagai reservoir is an important fishery pool.