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National Museum of Kazakhstan

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National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana is a unique project that has no analogues in Central Asia. Cultural institution located on Independence square, is very harmoniously fit into the overall architectural ensemble.

The ceremonial opening of the national Museum of Kazakhstan was held in July 2014, the Area of land which houses the Museum is 9.9 hectares, the total area of buildings 74 thousand square meters, the exhibition area of about 14 thousand square meters, the funds reach 8 thousand square meters, which allowed it to become the largest Museum in the country.

Unique Museum complex consists of seven blocks with variable number of storeys up to the 9th floor. The Museum is situated in 11 halls.

The national Museum of Kazakhstan consists of the following halls: hall of Independent Kazakhstan, hall of Astana, hall of ancient and medieval history, hall of gold, Ethnography hall, Halls of history and contemporary art. Here in the Museum allocated space for a children's Museum, children's creativity center, meeting room, scientific library, restoration workshops, professional storage facilities, laboratories and souvenir stalls.

National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan equipped with the most modern equipment which meets all world standards. The Museum develops different types of excursions, thematic, review, philosophical, and special programs in the form of virtual tours and interactive workshops.

National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana aims to become a modern intellectual cultural institution, a place for analysis, reflection, discussion and evaluation of the historical and cultural traditions of Kazakhstan.