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President's residence "AK Orda"

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One of the interesting attractions and one of the symbols of the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana is an amazing President's Residence "AK Orda". The Palace is located on the left Bank of the Ishim river, just 300 metres from the national monument "Baiterek".

The presidential residence was built over three years using the most modern technologies. Its construction began in September 2001 and ended in 2003, the Official opening of the state of the facility took place in December 2004, Since that time anyone can come in here and watch, are the most important in the country's life decisions.

The building of the presidential residence "AK Orda" built of reinforced concrete. The building area is 36 720 square meters, and the height with the spire was 80 m. the facade Cladding was made of Italian marble.

AK-Orda is a huge, four-storey building, where every hall has its own purpose. On the ground floor, with a ceiling height of 10 m, there is a spacious entrance hall, with a total area of 1800 sq. m., a ceremonial hall, halls for press conferences and a lovely Winter garden. On the second floor are exclusively office space.

Third floor residence of the President is designed to host events of international level. For example, in the marble hall signed contracts with the heads of other States, in the oval hall of the negotiations at the highest level, and in the Golden hall meetings in a close circle. In addition, there are also a hall for extended negotiations, a hall in the form of a traditional Kazakh Yurt and other rooms for various meetings.

In the fourth room is the meeting Room for meetings with the Government, the Domed hall, which hosts meetings of heads of state at the highest level, the Library and other rooms. Each room is decorated individually, furnished with exclusive furniture and coated with the original coating. Kitchen, dining room, technical services and a garage are concentrated in the basement of the building.

President's residence "AK Orda" is open for tourist object, there are always excursions.