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Business center "Moscow"

Photos and description

Multifunctional complex "Moscow" in Astana is in line with the main attractions of the city. This building is an excellent example of the original architecture and one of the most comfortable places for business and leisure in the centre of the Kazakh capital.

The business complex "Moscow" - one of the most challenging architectural projects on the left Bank of Astana. In a futuristic silhouette of the building suggest the image of a ship with a sail, mast and observation deck. Stylobate part of the building a streamlined shape with a complex curved topography of the façade is the hull of the ship. A mast is the external panoramic lift, which rises to an observation deck, located in the panoramic restaurants at the height of 103 meters.

One of the main architectural features of the business center "Moscow" - external panoramic Elevator that lifts guests into the restaurants on the top floors of the building. This Elevator has become a mandatory part of the tourist route.

Design lift is unique and has no analogues in Kazakhstan - a glass pipe with a height of 103 meters located along the main facade of the building at a distance of 6 metres. A lift connects the shopping and entertainment part of the building, business center and panoramic restaurants.

The spectacular architecture of the building "Moscow" evaluated the Kazakh and foreign experts of the real estate market. In 2014 the building was awarded best commercial property in the nomination "Architecture and design" the first national contest of commercial real estate CRE AWARDS 2014 in Astana, and in 2015 at the end of the voting participants of the Kazakhstan real estate market, the building has received public recognition as the best commercial building of Astana along with the SEC "Khan Shatyr".

In a short time the complex "Moscow" has become one of the most recognized business centers in Astana. It's a business complex of new generation, state of the art multifunctional centre, which has become another striking symbol of friendship between the capitals of Kazakhstan and Russia. The center "Moscow" is the optimal place to implement successful business projects, comfortable shopping experience, meetings with partners and stay with friends. This is one of the first business centers of class "A" in Astana.