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Two-minaret Cathedral mosque

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Two-minaret Cathedral mosque is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Republican significance city Families. Built in 1856-1862. the mosque is a bright sample of the cult Muslim architecture of the XIX century

According to historical records, the construction of the temple began in 1858 and ended in 1862, two-minaret mosque was built by the order of the regional spiritual administration of funds donated by Semipalatinsk merchants: Suleimenov, Abdesselam Rafikova and Halitosis. The authors of this project were regional Bolotov architect and engineer-Lieutenant manashov. In 1897 he was made the overhaul, during which the old wooden minaret was replaced by a brick.

The building of the mosque is a domed rectangular structure with two minarets. The main facade of the mosque is decorated with ornate pilasters with molded capitals. Around the perimeter of the building you can see a plaster cornice. As for the interior of the mosque, it is decorated with horizontal rods and columns. At the perimeter of the cupola is painted in the color green yellow with sayings from the Koran.

Special attention in the design of the temple was given to the minarets located at the corners of the main hall in the portal section. From the hall to the minarets are doors through which you can go to the top of the minarets. The vertices of both minarets are crowned by gilded crescents.

In Soviet times the mosque was not valid, while the building was under protection as a monument of architecture. In 1971-1975, in the building of the mosque was carried out the restoration work. In 1975 the walls of the mosque is a showroom. And only in 1995 the mosque was returned to believers. In 2007 the building of the Cathedral mosque of the city was made another difficult repair.