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Karaganda theater of musical Comedy

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Karaganda academic theatre of musical Comedy is a theatre with a long tradition that has evolved over many years. The first season it opened in November 1973 operetta "the Free wind" by M. Dunaevsky. At that time it was the youngest team among the musical theatres of the Soviet Union. His fame, the theatre received immediately after the first premiere. Wonderful romantic operetta was the beginning of the biography of the Karaganda theatre.

Over the 40 years of its existence the repertoire of the theatre there are more than 200 productions. The diversity of genres suggests that the Karaganda theatre from the very beginning tried to realize myself in different musical genres, but it does not depart from the main - from the operetta. The theater troupe consists of more than 150 professional artists, and the theater is 300.

In 2000 the Karaganda musical Comedy theatre was awarded the title "Academic". The theatre became known not only in Kazakhstan but also in CIS countries and far abroad. The institution is headed by honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of international competitions Amantay Ibrayev, who is also a great singer.

Karaganda theatre staged their productions is committed to using modern and innovative approaches, actively cooperated with the famous domestic and foreign Directors, choreographers, conductors and inviting artists from other theaters to create joint projects. This process complements the repertoire makes every performance a deeper and more thoughtful.

Karaganda academic theatre of musical Comedy is the theater of operetta. On the scene saved her charm, her spirit, her joy and optimism, her beauty and equanimity, openness and sautergasse the feeling of joy of life and love. Currently in the repertoire of the theater includes a 30 operettas, comedies, 30, 34 tales, 10 10 musicals and ballets.