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Kostanay puppet theater

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Kostanay puppet theater is housed in a beautiful building near the train station and offers homely auditorium, which seats 150 spectators. The theater was opened in December 1986 with a performance of "Masha and the bear" by A. Sadowski.

In 1999, the regional puppet theatre was merged with Kostanay Russian drama theatre named after M. Gorky. This is the only in the country unique Union of two completely different genres and the creative specificity of the bands was given the status of Kostanay regional drama and puppet theatre. The performances in the theater, as before, were placed on the works of Kazakh, Russian and foreign drama. Twenty-seventh theatrical season theatrical troupe opened in its own building.

Artistic Director of the theatre is the holder of the honorary sign of the Ministry of culture and information of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Madeniet kayratkeri" G. E. Ivanov. One of the main priorities G. E. Ivanova in the theatre was the formation of the creative team. Currently, the theatre troupe to work with a talented young team, where each actor has a bright personality.

From children's performances in the theater are "once More about little red riding Hood" by S. Yefremov, "Pike", A. Grahovski, "Teremok" by S. Marshak, "the Three little pigs" by S. Mikhalkov, "the adventures of the bear cub Rome-Tim-ti" J. Velkovskogo, "Fairytale about Balda" Pushkin, "White daughter steppes", Kulunchakovs and other long-time favourite kids shows. Today in the repertoire of the poster Kostanay puppet theater features 18 performances.

The actors make different types of dolls with growth, kinds, glove, tablet, making the performances more diverse, unusual and interesting for young and old audience.