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Tynybay Kaukenov Mosque

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Tynybay Kaukenov mosque - architectural monument of the middle XIX century, located in the left-Bank part of Semey, near the river station.

According to historical sources, the mosque was built in 1830-1840 funds donated Kazakh merchant of the second Guild Tenebaum Kaukenova. Being a merchant, Tynybai Kaukenov built on the left Bank of the Irtysh river house. After some time near the house he began building a prayer mosque. The merchant lived until the beginning of the twentieth century About the history of the mosque there are records found in Kazakh State archive. According to the saved statement, completed in may 1858, "On the number of Mohammedan mosques and parishioners, male and female in Semipalatinsk", tynybay Kaukenov mosque parishioners were 137 female and male - 145.

The Foundation of the mosque is made of stone, and the walls to the dome of the minaret is made of wood. In the mosque there are bunk rooms. On the lower floor of the praying men and the top women. Part of the outer walls and the dome is adorned with thread.

The architecture of the tynybay Kaukenov mosque belongs to the type "the Siberian Tatar" mosques, but in principle of construction it is very similar to the monuments of Orthodox architecture, when on the same axle are threaded component parts of different sizes. The difference was only in traditional Islamic forms of vertical and dome completions. The walls of the mosque tynybay Kaukenov modestly decorated. Add to the vivacity of rectangular window openings, and Lucerne the upper tier of the main scope, which serve to light the room for women. At the moment on the left side of the mosque located the room for bathing and additional rooms for training, made of white silicate brick.