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Military-historical Museum

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One of the cultural attractions of the city of Almaty is the Military-historical Museum. The institution was established in 1993 and enters into the composition of Almaty state historical and architectural reserve, founded in 1978.

The exposition of the Military historical Museum illustrates the history of the military formations that existed on the territory of Kazakhstan. In the Museum a special place reserved materials 316/8-th guards shooting division named after Panfilov, formed in the city in the summer of 1941

Military-historical Museum is located in the House of the Army (formerly District officers). The Museum building was constructed in 1978 under the project of architects Yu. Ratushny, O. Balykbaev, T. Yeraliyev and designer I. Razin. It is part of a single architectural-sculptural complex of the Glory Memorial in the Park named after 28 Panfilov's guardsmen. The building that houses the Military history Museum has the status of a monument of architecture.

The area of the exhibition hall of the Military historical Museum is 2200 sqm and offers for inspection four collections of armored vehicles, ground artillery and mortars, air defense forces, special equipment - a total of about 122 titles armed equipment.

In this Almaty Museum, guests are shown military equipment, military vehicles, experimental and rare specimens available in a single copy. In addition, noteworthy are the collections of banners, weapons, cannons and anti-aircraft guns, relics of military glory, armored trucks, planes, tanks, models of rockets, military boats and much, much more. In the Museum's collection also contains samples of foreign guns.