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The house of the merchant Zaitsev

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The house of the merchant Zaitsev - a monument of wooden architecture, which is the main attraction of the city of Pavlodar. The building is located near the city center, on the street of Academician Margulan.

A large wooden building was erected in 1897 on the initiative of a famous merchant Nicholas Pyatkova. At that time N. Pyatkov was the owner of the brewery and was mayor of Pavlodar. In 1898, the new owner of this unusual house was the Drover rabbits.

The house of the merchant Zaitsev is a historical monument, where every detail looks amazing. Its decor surprises with its intricately carved lace-like light patterns on the doors, walls and shutters, and metal sills, installed on the roof of the house. Carved elements were made of Slavgorod and Pavlodar craftsmen Chechetkina, Kosarev and other sketches of the talented architect baht.

Of particular interest is the veranda rounded shape that protrudes from the center of the house and is the original decoration, giving the whole structure of pathos. The stories of local veterans, a porch was built on special order for the daughter of a merchant Pyatkova, which is very seriously ill. In the house you can see preserved until today unique in its kind tiled fireplace, which took pride of place in the hall.

In 1992, its walls have housed the Museum of literature and art of Bukhar Zhyrau, which contains unique exhibits, dedicated to the famous poets and writers.