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Abdykadyr Mosque

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Abdykadyr mosque - a monument of architecture of the beginning of the first half of the XIX century, located in the historic center of Taraz city on the street of Abay. It is a massive square structure, built of modern brick.

Originally the mosque had a large territory at the intersection of Drip and Abaya. Historical iconic building was a unique structure, designed in a typical Asian architectural style, richly decorated with elements and ornaments. In the mid 30-ies of the last century, most of the places of worship, unfortunately, was destroyed. Until today from the original building of the mosque remained only the entrance portal with minaret, decorated at the edges with two columns with decorative towers that represent artistic value, being the only one preserved on the territory of Zhambyl region specimen of the monumental buildings "Darbaza". Above the entrance a pointed arch can be seen a shallow notched niche. The construction of the minaret ends with a platform for azanchi, with six Lancet through openings, which are inscribed in rectangular niches.

Abdykadyr mosque is a typical monument of the religious and civil architecture of the Aulieata era. In early 1982, Abdykadyr mosque has made to the list of monuments of architecture and urban planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan, after which she was taken under state protection. In 2002, the mosque was carried out reconstruction work, in which was a fortified Foundation and completely renovated the front part. Since 2002 the building of the mosque within the current madrassas.