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Children's puppet theater "Alakai"

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Children's puppet theatre "Alakai" is one of the children's cultural centers of Aktobe city. The creative activity of the regional puppet theatre started from November 1985

The repertoire consists of fairytales "WA, Aldar!", "Hit, bludgeon!", performances of "Hello!" M. Bartenev, "Koennen kuligi" S. Kaliyeva, "Hello!" M. Bartenev, "Mallier of patsey" A. Kadyrov, "a Rhinoceros and a Giraffe" by H. günther, "the Frog and the sea" V. Pavlovskii, "Snow men" by A. Veselov, "Attention, clowning" E. Caponecchi, "Who braids the horse's mane?" Tikhvinskiy and V. M. Azova, "don't leave..." A. Boldinova, and world classics: the play "the adventures of doctor Dolittle" (I. Godina), "the Ugly duckling" by H. Andersen, "the Dwarf MUK" V. Hauff and many more.

The huge contribution to formation and development of Aktobe puppet theatre "Alakai" made by A. Tabaldiev, baimaganbetova, A. Kurmanalina, J. Minakova, N. Muratov, L. Suleimen. Interesting acting work was created Oralbay, A. Saltovo, Baranovoj that Gandilova, E. and E. Ermaganbetova by Ismagulova.

Currently, a Puppet children's theater has 16 very talented actors. The performances are staged in two languages - Kazakh and Russian. Since 2001 the staff of the Aktobe theatre "Alakai" is a prize-winner and laureate of many international festivals of puppet theater. In 2007 the institution was awarded the title of "Most professional theatre" and a year later (2008) he was voted "Theatre of the XXI century".

Today, Aktobe puppet theatre "Alakai" is one of the attractions and the real pride of the city of Aktobe.