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Almaty railway Museum

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Railway Museum in Alma-ATA was opened in 1999 on the basis of private collections honorary veteran railroad man of Beisen Simakova. Initially the exhibits were not so many, but hard work and the efforts all employees have made a collection of Museum-filled and interesting.

The exposition of the Museum illustrates the history of railway transport development in Kazakhstan. In the first hall tells about the life of Kazakh people and on the caravan routes, which in the future will become a busy railroad. The next landmark development was the construction of the railway and in the Museum you can see original tools of workers of those times. In one of the halls offers a variety of layouts, which illustrated all the historical events associated with the development of railway traffic in Kazakhstan, as well as the detailed evolution of vehicles.

On the second floor you can see personal belongings of workers and archival documents relating to the construction of Railways. In addition, there is an extensive collection of railway icons.

A separate part of the exposition narrates about the means of communication between stations at a time when there were no modern technical equipment and security system that operated then, for the avoidance of collisions of trains. Worked all these technical systems and devices you show and tell Museum guides.