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Cathedral of the ascension

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The main Orthodox Cathedral in Almaty, situated at the foot of Alatau mountains is the Cathedral of the ascension.

The construction of the Cathedral in Pushkin Park started in 1904 by the Authors of the project of the temple was made by a local architect K. A. Borisoglebskiy and S. K. Troparevsky. The construction was supervised by the regional engineer A. P. Zenkov. The construction of the Turkestan Cathedral ended in 1906, the Solemn consecration of the temple took place in the summer of 1907

The temple has three chapels: the first, Central, consecrated in memory of the ascension, the second South, consecrated in honor of the Annunciation, the third North, in the name of the Holy Faith, Hope, love and their mother Sofia. These decorations of the Cathedral are the three-tier iconostasis, stucco and blacksmith work best Verny, Kiev and St. Petersburg artists and painters Usarea P. A. Murashko. Gable rafter roof of the Cathedral is decorated with five domes with cupolas and crosses. The crowns of the walls and the closed frames of the temple buildings, as well as rafters of the roof made of tarred trunks of Tien Shan spruce biennial.

In 1911, the temple was able to withstand a catastrophic 10-point earthquake when almost the entire city was destroyed. Since 1929, the Cathedral was used as the Central state Museum of Kazakh SSR. The interior of the temple building changed dramatically after the 1930s, the building originally housed a public organization. The bell tower of the Cathedral was used for the first radio programs in the city.

In January 1982, the building was declared a historical and cultural monument of national importance. In April 1995, the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev gave the Cathedral in perpetuity of the ROC.

In 2004, the Cathedral was carried out restoration work. At present the Cathedral of the ascension of the Lord Sunday school and the library.