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Mikhailo-Arkhangelsky Cathedral

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Mikhailo-Arkhangelsky Cathedral is one of the oldest temples of the city. It is located on the distant outskirts of the city, where one side is an old cemetery, and on the other - a huge wasteland among heaps and mines.

The Church was opened in November 1946 on the basis of the decision of the Council of the ROC under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Michael the Archangel parish was officially registered in March 1947, the Sanctification of the Church building took place in 1948, In March 1949, the parish received a permit to expand a house of worship. Reconstruction work was carried out by the parishioners until November 1954

The existing building of the temple had an area of 154 sq m and the capacity is about 620. During the reconstruction under the pre-existing walls of the temple summed up the foundations, built the walls of the main hall to a height of 5.3 m, removed pre-existing pillars that supported the ceiling, attached one main and two side vestibule.

In the mid-70s-on the left side of the Church to the altar was built on the had taken place. To celebrate the 1000-anniversary of the baptism of Russia in 1987 to the right wall of the altar, the sacristy was attached, and the locker rooms for the clergy. In the Cathedral above the porch is a second floor where there are rooms for rehearsals of the choir and the sacristy.

The interior of Archangel Michael Cathedral has a long history and is connected with the tragedy of the settlers. In 1931 on the site where today stands the temple, right from cars in the snow were planted the first exiles, most of them just froze in the middle of the bare cold steppe. These mass graves of the prisoners and began the cemetery that surrounds the Cathedral.