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Holy Trinity Church

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Holy Trinity Church in Ust-Kamenogorsk is the first stone building in the city. The monument is located in the street Likharev on site Holy Trinity monastery.

The history of this temple is directly connected with the history of the city. A place for the construction of the temple was chosen. It was here in August 1720, the Emperor Peter the great ordered to lay the Ust-Kamennaya fortress. The fortress was built by the Russian military expedition under command of guards major I. M. by Likharev in strategic military purposes - it was in the Irtysh line of fortifications, which defended the possessions of the Russian Empire in Siberia from the Jungars. Ust-Kamennaya fortress and marked the beginning of Ust-Kamenogorsk city, a street, passing along the ramparts, was named after I. M. Likharev.

The first Church on the territory of the fortress was Hiking the temple. Around the 1740s, it was replaced by a wooden Church of St. John the theologian, which was destroyed by fire. Soon this place was built a new wooden building, after 14 years, came in a state of disrepair. And only in June 1789 were laid down, but a stone Church, which was built 20 years and was consecrated in 1810

Until 1888, Trinity Church was the only Church in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. In 1923, Trinity Church passed into the hands of the Renovationist schismatics. In 1928 the Church was closed for decades. At different times the Church was used as a vegetable, the potato, the garrison club. In the last decades of the Soviet time it housed a warehouse of military trade.

The temple has undergone several major changes: was lost altar apse, the interior, the bell tower, the dome, destroyed the Church fence. In 1991, the revival Trinity Church. In 1993 on the base of the temple was founded Holy Trinity monastery.

From April 2013, the temple works to restore its original appearance. The solemn opening and consecration of Holy Trinity Church held in October 2015 and was dedicated to 205-th anniversary from the day of its consecration.