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The theater of young spectators named. N. Sats

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State academic Russian theatre for children and youth named after N. The CAC is located in the city of Almaty on the street of Shalyapin. The founder of the theatre was made by the Creator of the world's first (1918) theatre for children and more than 60 children's theatres around the world - Natalia Ilinichna Sats.

In September 1944, the local authorities decided to establish in Almaty theatre of young spectators. Grand opening of the theater took place in November 1945, Original theater for young spectators was located in the building of the former cinema "Alatau", designed for 585 places. This building had a very important social and urban sound. However, after some time, after the building housed a movie theater, it burned down. Subsequently, the theater of young spectators was forced to move in the former building of the Kazakh drama Theatre. Auditorium for 800 people was built in 1957-1962 he under the project of architects A. Leppik, N. Lipinskogo, V. Katseva, B. Tyutin.

In February 1985, by order of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Kazakh theatre for children and youth was split into two separate companies. And since both theaters were located in the same building, the performances were staged through the day.

Each period in the development of the theatre is marked by the search for new means and forms of expression. Continuing to develop the traditions of N. Sats, subsequent Directors tried to enrich the theatre with new discoveries. In 1986, the theatre of the young spectator stands in the new building, which was located in the heart of the city. This room was called the "New stage".

In 1995, for the 50th anniversary of the theater, he was awarded the title "Academic" and the name of its founder Natalia Ilyinichna Sats. In 2000, the State academic Russian theatre for children and youth named after N. Sats provided with a new own building - the Palace ahbc. In 2006 the main building of the theatre was open Chamber scene.