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The Cathedral Of St. Joseph

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St. Joseph's Cathedral is one of the Catholic churches of the city of Karaganda. In the construction of the city took an active part exiles. In the 30-ies of XX century it was resettled by the Germans from Ukraine, Crimea and the Volga region, as well as the poles from the Western territories in the USSR.

Despite persecution, the faithful Catholics from the beginning was going for prayer. After some time, after Stalin's death, the faithful together with the priest, who arrived in Karaganda, appealed to the Soviet authorities asking for the official registration of their communities. Only at the beginning of 1977, the Council for religious Affairs in Moscow gave permission for the registration of Karaganda Catholic religious community.

In Maykuduke purchased a small hut, on which place in the future, planned the construction of the temple. In March 1977, held its first official worship service. Over time, local authorities have allocated a plot of land on which there are first and later purchased the adjacent second dugout.

In November 1977, thanks to the efforts of believers, the Foundation was laid of the future Church, then took place and its sanctification. The construction of the Catholic temple began in spring 1978 and In September of the same year in the Church of St. Joseph in Karaganda was made the first Holy Mass.

The solemn consecration of the new temple took place in June 1980 by Bishop Alexander Hira. Built in Soviet times in the area of Maykuduke temple looks almost indistinguishable from the surrounding houses. At the same time its interior was just struck by its beauty. In the temple there are three large altars, sculptures, manufactured in Lithuania, columns with capitals and gilt on all elements of interior decoration. Also from Lithuania were delivered on. The temple could accommodate 1000 parishioners.

In April 1991, was founded in Karaganda, the Apostolic administration, with the result that the Church of St. Joseph in Karaganda was Central. In July 1999, the temple received the status of Cathedral. In this status, the Church was served until September 2012, when the Karaganda diocese began to operate the new Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary of Fatima - Mother of all peoples.

In 2011 in St. Joseph's Church was renovated, which transformed its appearance.