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East Kazakhstan Museum of art

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East Kazakhstan regional Museum of art in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk is one of the most important centers of spiritual culture of local inhabitants and guests of the city. The Museum is located on the street Tokhtarov in the building which is a monument of architecture of the end XIX art. the Institution works simultaneously in three areas of art: literary, visual and musical. This unique profile of the Museum differs from other museums of Kazakhstan and the CIS. Art Museum in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk was built in 1900

The original core of the collection was 90 paintings and graphic works, which were transferred from the regional ethnographic Museum by the decision of the State Committee for culture of the Kazakh SSR. In 1991, the Museum collection was replenished with paintings and graphics of the East Kazakhstan artists.

Today in the exhibition of the East Kazakhstan regional Museum of art, there are 8358 units. The best works of the Museum's collection represented in the exhibition permanent exhibition called "Artists of Kazakhstan". This collection consists of the most valuable paintings and graphic works: paintings G. Ismailova, A. akanaev, Sariyev, A. Sydyhanov, S. Romanov, E. Mergenov sculpture, graphics E. Sidorkin, F. the Moldabayeva, E. Çubuk. A special place among Kazakh artists take artists of East Kazakhstan: M. dzhunusov, V. Titov, V. Schmidt, L. Again, Mirkasimov, V. Rapoport, N. Estema, M. Smailov, K. Kadyrbekov, B. Yixing. The Museum funds are constantly replenished with new interesting exhibits.

The Museum staff are engaged in research work on the study of the stock work, life and creative journey of masters of art of the region. The Museum regularly hosts various artistic and literary exhibitions.