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Kostanay Russian drama theatre

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Kostanay regional Russian drama theatre was founded in 1999 after the merger of the regional drama theater, and M. Gorky puppet theatre. Theater is a professional production process, which was confirmed by numerous victories in national and international festivals.

Russian drama theatre of the city is within a two-storey building, built in the late second half of the XIX century in the classical style, with stately columns and porticoes.

Currently in the repertoire of the drama theater are 20 drama productions. The theatre remembers the names of those, thanks to the hard work and talent which was created by his glorious biography. First in the theatre the title of Honored artists received Dubrovsky and V. I. Bolshakov. At different times on his stage, played by such famous masters as: honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Glavina, A. Keramova, honored artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan I. Sankin, A. Kiselev, V. Denikin and people's artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Beavers. Theatre is very proud of the names of the honored artist of country A. Oleinikova, honored artist V. Krepkina, people's artist V. Kolpakova, the leading masters of stage V. Bityukova A. Trifling, R. Polukhina and others.

The audience Kostanay Russian drama theatre are both elderly people and young audience, because here you can find a performance to their liking.