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Russian drama theatre. K. S. Stanislavsky

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One of the cultural attractions of Kazakhstan of Karaganda city is the state Russian drama theatre. K. S. Stanislavsky. The history of this remarkable drama began in 1930, then on the basis of Amateur propaganda team in Semipalatinsk was founded a mobile theatre. In 1932, the institution was transformed into a "Mobile theater Turksib", which was politoed, consisting of three wagons. One of the cars was intended to stay in the second housed a rehearsal room, and the third is the economic part. The first Director, artistic Director and playwright of the theater was Vasily Portnov.

In 1935, the theater provided a stationary building in the city of Kustanai. Then in his repertoire there were the play by A. Afinogenov's play, Shakespeare and Ostrovsky. In 1936, the theater sent a Pribalhashstroy and was renamed into Karaganda regional Russian drama theatre. In 1937 V. Portnov passed the leadership came from Leningrad K. Rausu, which has raised the professional level theater group and the repertoire has expanded. In 1940, the team moved to Karaganda. In the early days of the great Patriotic war 20 people from the drama team voluntarily went to the front. At the time in Karaganda were evacuated theatres of Kiev and Moscow, and the team again was transferred to Balkhash, where he stayed until 1951, until the completion of the Palace of culture of miners.

In 1962 the theater moved into their new homes in their new building on the Boulevard of the World. In 1963, the theater was given the name of Russian theater Director, actor and pedagogue, reformer of the theater - Stanislavsky.

In the 60-70-ies of the creative team of the theater was headed by the Directors - the honored artist of Kazakh SSR A. Podobed, Gesmer, people's artist of Kazakhstan R. Andriasyan and M. Zilberman. Since 1986 to 2006, and chief Director of the theater was the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan G. Oganesyan. A separate line in the history of the Karaganda drama theater recorded the name of a famous people's artist of Kazakhstan V. Borisov, which from 1961 to 1997, bore the title of Director of theatre.

Karaganda drama theatre named after K. Stanislavsky always lived the life of his country and his people. Behind the theatre were bright, full of achievements and events in the creative life, and in front of his new discoveries.