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South Kazakhstan theater of dolls and young spectator

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South Kazakhstan regional theatre of dolls and young spectator - one of the favorite places of recreation for residents of Shymkent city. The theatre was founded in 1983 as a Public utility state enterprise "South Kazakhstan regional puppet theatre". And in may 2006, on the basis of GKKP "Regional puppet theatre" formed the modern "South Kazakhstan regional theatre of dolls and young spectator". Only works in the theater - 56 people, including 20 people - actors. Theatre performances are staged in Russian and Kazakh languages.

The repertoire of the theatre consists of more than 20 plays: S. Ospanova “Munlik-Zarlyk”, M. Sadovsky “Masha and the bear”, M. Bigot “Aydahar the Kashkan Kyz Alyp”, Landau “Ku-ka-re-ku”, D. Isabekov “Kieli Alma”, M. Ujma “Straw boy”, N.Orazalina “AK Kus Turala, Anis” and others. The staff of the theatre has repeatedly participated in Republican and International festivals of puppet theater. And also participated in the International festival “Golden Dolphin” with the production of the famous Bulgarian playwright R. Muscovy “When the daisies bloom”.

In 1993, the puppet theatre and the young spectator of Shymkent city was a participant of the International festival in Turkey with a performance of N. Orazalina “AK Kus Turala, anus”, which was awarded the “Grand Prix”.

In 2002, two of the troupe participated in the first festival of puppet theatres of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty: Kazakh troupe was performing with the show“, Marshaler of patsey” (A. Kadyrov), dedicated to the 1500th anniversary of Turkestan, a Russian troupe presented the play “the World of Pushkin's fairy tales”, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin, for which he received prizes.

In 2004, the theatre took part in the festival in the city of Aktobe with a performance of “Dostyk school” (M. Bigot), which was dedicated to the year of Russia in Kazakhstan. A year later the theatre was invited to the VII international festival “puppet Theatre and shadow”, held in the Turkish city of Izmir with a performance of “Munlik-Zarlyk” (S. Ospanov), where he was awarded with the main prize of the festival.