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Children's railway

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Children's railway in Karaganda is located in the Central Park imeni 30-letiya VLKSM. Narrow-gauge railway was laid in 1965, In may 1957 it was the first composition.

Initially, the length of the railway amounted to 1,800 m and had two stations: pioneer and Komsomol, which housed the office of the road. In the 1980s, by order of the local authorities have built a new section of significant length, which is located South of the station Pionerskaya. Today, the length of the Karaganda children's railway is more than 5 km.

One of the main goals of the construction of the new line was to ensure messages from Karaganda Zoological Park, which at the same time moved into new territory. In addition, near the new section of the narrow gauge railway was planned to break the Botanical garden.

Originally the railroad had only one locomotive, the locomotive ВП1-805-27. However, in 1961, a road was transferred to the diesel locomotive TU2-115. After 1987-1989 locomotive TU2-037 was sent to overhaul, rail Kustanay railway has been provided by the diesel locomotive TU2-111 operated here today. The train originally consisted of three wooden carriages with a length of 7-8 m. But in the mid-1960s, they changed to all-metal passenger wagons, and after three Polish Pafawag coaches were replaced by the car. Around the late 1980s - early 1990s, three Polish cars were replaced by five domestic cars ПВ40.

The rest of the season 2001 the Karaganda children's railway functioned as an educational institution, then closed it and restored only three years later in 2004, on the eve of the celebration of 100-anniversary of Kazakhstan Railways. In 2007, the railway was reconstructed and since may 2008 she again operates. At present the rolling stock of the railway consists of a diesel locomotive TU2-111 and three cars with 120 seats.