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Kazakh musical-drama theatre. After K. Kuanyshbaev

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Kazakh musical-drama theatre named after K. Kuanyshbaev is one of the cultural institutions of Astana city. The history of musical drama theatre began in November 1991, It was then that the opening of the first theatrical season with a production of the play Kazakh writer Gabit Musrepov "akan sery - aktokty" famous Director Zh.

Thanks to his performances of Kazakh theatre has received huge popularity not only in the country but also abroad. He is an active participant of various festivals on the territory of Republic and behind its limits. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in December, the theater was given the status of "Academic".

In 1996 the theatre with the musical Comedy "Aldar Kose" Khusainova became a laureate of the International festival Tuganlyk among Turkic-speaking States. The founder and chief Director and artistic Director of the Kazakh theatre was renowned filmmaker lobster.. Well, then its successor has become people's artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan - K. Zhetpisbayev

Currently Director and artistic head of the institution is theatre critic, playwright Erkin Tleukulova the Erkina zhuasbeka.
In 2002, the musical-drama theatre. After K. Kuanyshbayev was awarded the Grand Prix at the International festival in Shymkent with the staging of the play "the Actress" (D. Isabekov) Director N. Jumaniyazova. Eight years later (2010) the theatre again became the winner of the Grand Prix at the national festival, held in Taraz city, with the staging of "Evening" (A. Dudarev) directed by B. Uzakov.

In addition to traditional classical works in the repertoire also includes plays of the modern Kazakh playwrights and children's performances. Special pride is musical-drama theatre named after K. Kuanyshbayev is its staff. Despite the huge success of the performances in the repertoire of the theatre is always striving to delight its viewers with new and exciting productions.