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Museum of military equipment under the open sky

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Museum of military equipment under the open sky - the only of its kind Museum on the territory of Kazakhstan. Military equipment is located in the northwestern part of the city Victory Park. The total area of the Museum under the open sky of 0.8 ha.

Grand opening of the Museum took place in may 2013 in preparation for the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war in the presence of akim of Kostanay region Nuraly Saduakasova, locals and visitors alike. In the armor of tanks and guns was entrusted with a lot of flowers. After the tour, were organized demonstration performances of special forces of the interior Department of Kostanay region, as well as military-Patriotic club "Albatross" and the pupils of the section of unarmed combat.

Great assistance in the organization of the Museum of military equipment was provided by the akimat of Kostanay, heads of the Ministry of defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the regional Department on Affairs of defense.

In 14 of the Museum exhibits are working models of military equipment of Soviet times, the great Patriotic war and the Civil war: tanks T-72, T-64, T-62, T-34, armored personnel carriers, artillery, "Katyusha", howitzers and other military equipment.

The real pride of the Museum is the oldest Museum piece is the armored car "Austin-Putilovets". Like the armored car was used as a tribune for Lenin during his speech at the Finland station. That car was designed at the Putilov factory in 1916 with regard to the production of armored cars "Austin-Putilovets", it began only in 1918, a Civil war took 33 of the machine.

All the exhibits are presented in natural size. Combat vehicles today are already written off. Near the equipment of the great Patriotic war can be seen several post-war samples, which until today are in service in some countries - the T-72, BRDM-2, BTR-70.

It is expected that soon the exhibition of Kostanay Museum of military equipment under the open sky will replenish with new exhibits.