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Russian drama theatre. M. Gorky

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State academic Russian drama theatre named after Maxim Gorky in Astana is one of the oldest theatrical institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The theatre was founded in the late XIX century, Initially it was a small theatre, but he soon became one of the leading creative collectives of the Republic. The theater quickly gained popularity in his native land, and later over the and external. In 1957, the play "the Abyss" by Alexander Ostrovsky has brought huge success to the theatre at the all-Union exhibition "Theatre spring". Since 1959, the theatre was named after the great Russian writer, novelist, playwright - Maxim Gorky.

In different years on the stage of Russian drama theatre were: people's artist of CEB - eagle, E., honored artists of CEB - Chervov A., Grupp S., Doroshevich I., Milovidov N., Chadaev A., E. Marusina, Naszarkowska N., honored artist of the BASSR, Terentyuk D.. Also it was made by honored artist of Moldova Svechinskaya R., laureate of the State prize of the USSR - M. Kovaleva, people's artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Arhipenkov V., honored worker of culture S. Prilutsky, and many others.

The repertoire of the State academic Russian drama theatre named after M. Gorky consists of more than 20 plays, representing a wide range of genres and aesthetic directions. For the youngest audience in the theatre's repertoire there are 12 musical tales.

Nowadays, the repertoire presented by the authors and the plays which go into the Treasury of domestic and world drama. Enormous popularity among the audience cause such plays as "Here's all your..." (on the play "the Auditor" Gogol), "the Master and Margarita" (Bulgakov), "Last rites" (Bokey), "Mixed feelings" (Baer), "a Streetcar named Desire (Williams) "Romeo and Juliet", "hamlet" (Shakespeare) and so on.

The staff of drama theater has toured many cities of Kazakhstan and Russia, and is also actively involved in prestigious theatre festivals in the country and the world.