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South Kazakhstan Russian drama theatre

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South Kazakhstan regional Russian drama theatre is one of the oldest theatres of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The theatre is located in the city of Shymkent, al-Farabi square. Because of their history, as well as a talented and original theater productions is known throughout the country.

The first theatrical season the theatre opened in November 1929, the Management of the entertainment enterprises of Syrdarya district decided to provide the spiritual needs of people of South Kazakhstan through initiation to theater arts. Chief Director and artistic Director of the drama has appointed M. V. Razdolina, and administrator V. B. Sibirina.

During the great Patriotic war Shymkent city met evacuees from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The city's population greatly increased. Therefore, in may 1944, the local authorities decided to create regional Russian drama theatre. The theater troupe was divided, based on it actually was created the Kazakh national theatre, but the official status of this division was only in November 1967, the Head of the Russian and Kazakh theatres, was appointed Director of berasal. In 1949, the theatre relocated to the city of Uralsk, after he returned as the musical Comedy theatre.

1958 was the year of second birth of the theatre. It was then that the pupil of the Maly theatre N. Medvedev has collected Chimkent troupe from graduates of Leningrad and Moscow theatrical universities. In September of the same year a project was approved for the erection of a building for a theatre. Construction began in March 1965 and ended in October 1967, Today in the theater building you can see the monument to Hero of the Soviet Union Bauyrzhan Momyshuly.

Today the repertoire of the South Kazakhstan regional Russian drama theatre consists of 20 performances for young audiences, and 26 performances for adults.