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Zhambyl Russian drama theatre

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Zhambyl regional Russian drama theatre was founded in March 1967, the year of the 50th anniversary of the Great October revolution. That is why the first play staged in September 1967 on the stage of the theatre was the play "the Storm" on the play by V. N. Bill-Belotserkovsky. The first theatre Director was assigned to N.In. Stakhovsky, and the first chief Director - F. A. Litvinsky.

In 1970 Zhambyl Russian drama theatre took second place at the jubilee all-Union competition devoted 100-anniversary of birthday of Vladimir Lenin. In October 1980, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the CEB, gave theater actors Chernyshenko, E. and P. Cheremisina the honorary title "Honored artist of the CEB".

Quite a long time the drama was completed only by visiting Russian artists, wandering through the cities of the Republic. In 1992, the leadership of the Russian drama theatre decided to bring local staff. They were artists N.Novikov, A. Górska, A. Nazin, I. Izbasarova, N. Gaal, I. Yakovlev, E. Akulava and others.

In 1998 the theatre with the play "the night of the lunar Eclipse" by M. Karim participated in the IV Republican festival of Kazakh theatres, where the talented young artist E. Dubovik became the winner and received the diploma "For the best role of the actor of the second plan".

The theatre sees a huge creative success that he was lucky to realize the staging of plays by such local playwrights as E. Alimzhanov and A. Aseev.

Today in the troupe of the Russian drama theatre runs 26 talented artists who love their profession.