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Mosque "Sultan-Korgan"

Photos and description

In the city of Almaty, which has kept the value of the large national centre, even after it ceased to be the capital of Kazakhstan, a Muslim community building a mosque, claiming a more important role in the formation of urban ensemble than modest "quarterly" of the mosque is intended for one Mahal. So, for example, is a three-tiered mosque communities "Sultan-Korgan", which was built on Forest street in 1995-1997 by the architect sh. Yusupov.

The mosque has a spacious prayer hall with a capacity of 500 worshippers, but also a specially designed area in front of the entrance to the building. Her blue faceted hemispherical dome and a small blue domes on the turrets, ornamental minarets at the corners of the building create a dramatic color accent, highlighting the building of a mosque in a dense residential area of a big city. It also contributes to a green environment - created on the sides of the mosque garden, having both Islamic and pre-Islamic sacred interpretation ("garden of Eden").

As the outer and inner part of the mosque are exquisite. Pastel colors set up to the peacefulness and calm. Despite the small size of the mosque, and even with a full hall, the classic three-step Minbar is for everyone to see. Space interior tapering towards the dome, whose diameter is 6 m. the triangular balcony is the women's room.

Like any other small mosque, the mosque of "Sultan-Korgan" has its regular congregation, consisting of living near the parishioners, for whom it is the first house on the importance, and the second home attendance.