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Theatre "ARTиШОК"

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Theatre "ARTиШОК" was founded in 2001 by a group of girls as the first independent professional theatre company of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The founder and Director of the theatre is a well-known actress Veronica There. The theatre's artistic Director - actress Galina Pyanova.

For several years, critics have recognized the team, "АRТиШОК" the most extravagant theatrical group in the country. MIME, physical theatre, street interactive presentation, mastery of the technique of improvisation allowed the theatre to become a participant and winner of Grand Prix at international competitions and festivals in Kazakhstan, Russia, Europe and Central Asia.

Theatre "АRТиШОК" gained fame not only as a team, which creates a theatrical production, but as a theatre company, initiating projects, which is a noticeable cultural events. The most famous of them are: "Theater of improvisation" with the participation of famous Kazakhstani and European actors, Directors, musicians, artists, politicians and spectators of the theatre; the international festival "АRТиШОК", which became an annual event; theatre club "АRТиШОК session", which allows for Kazakhstani audience will be introduced to independent theatre, music and art projects.

The main creative concept of the theater is a "theatrical theater" and "theatricalization of life". Under this concept, the theatre produces its theatrical products for stationary platforms and works in the genre of "street theatre".

Independent experimental theatre "ARTиШОК" Almaty is a regular participant in international festivals.