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Korean theater of musical Comedy

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State Republican Korean theatre of musical Comedy in the city of Almaty is the national theatre of Kazakhstan and the first national Korean theater in the world. This theatre was based in the far East in 1932 To September 1937 in the result of deportation is one part of the theater troupe moved to the city of Kzyl-Orda, and the other in Tashkent. In 1940 the theatre troupe transformed into Kzyl-Orda oblast of the Korean musical and drama theatre of the third category.

In January 1942, by decision of Cassowary theatre was transferred from the city of Kyzyl-Orda station Ush-Tobe (Karatal district of the Taldy-Kurgan oblast). Then the theatre got a new name: Taldy-Kurgan regional Korean music and drama theatre. In 1950, Taldy-Kurgan and Tashkent theatres United. Place of residence based companies has become a station Ush-Tobe. In may 1959 the Korean theatre was moved back to the city of Kzyl-Orda.

In 1966 the theater was given the status of a Republican. In a year when theatre was founded, pop band, called "Arirang". In 1968, the theatre once again changed its location, moving to the city Alma-ATA, which took the building along the street Dzerzhinsky (now the Nauryzbay Batyr). In 1978, the theatre received its current name, the Korean theatre of musical Comedy. The main mission of the theatre is to maintain national traditions

Over 80 years of work the theatre on the scene was presents about 250 performances and various concert programs. The repertoire of the Korean theatre of musical Comedy consists of traditional and modern Korean performances and productions of both Kazakhstan and foreign playwrights. In 2012, the 80th anniversary of Korean theater when it hosted the opening of the Museum.