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Republican German drama theatre

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Republican German drama theatre is one of the cultural attractions of the city of Almaty. The first German theatre was established in the town of Engels, even before the Second world war, however, with the beginning of hostilities it was closed. The opening of this theatre was held in Temirtau in December 1980, the Theatre opened with the play "the First" on the play A. Ramgen. In 1980-1990-ies in the literature included 52 German-speaking actor.

Thanks to the talented troupe and diverse repertoire theater very quickly became very popular. Most of the time spent on the theatre tour. He waited in many cities of the Soviet Union. Chief Director at that time was occupied by B. Atabaev.

In 1990, the drama, the theatre moved to Almaty, but in the mid 90s faced an important problem - because of the emigration wave of ethnic Germans to Germany has declined significantly as the troupe and the audience. In 1993 went to Germany last actor. All members of the theatre there was only L. Gunn.

In 1991 thanks to the initiative of the German government on the basis of the Kazakh state Institute of theater and cinema named after T. Zhurgenov was first discovered by German Theater Academy. In 1994, she released two actor groups that became part of the German drama.

For the past 8 years, the theatre never ceased to amaze the local and European audience with their performances. The performance of "Field of dreams" made the theater famous in many countries of Europe. In 2004 we started a "new" story theater, which was associated with the return of B. Atabaev. In the repertoire there are performances, which were staged in several languages, thereby emphasizing the multi-ethnic Kazakhstan.

The Republican German drama theatre is looking for new approaches to fulfill its main objectives - preservation of cultural values and traditions of the German people. Today the theatre is on the path of transformation. The theatre remains only to solve the main problem - to acquire their own site.