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Kazakh state Philharmonic. Jambul

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The Kazakh state Philharmonic named after Jambul - cultural center not only in Almaty, but in the entire Republic of Kazakhstan. Founded in January 1935, the Philharmonic was named after Zhambyl Zhabayev.

Since the founding of the Philharmonic society combines the Kazakh choir, orchestra of Kazakh national instruments, dance ensemble and a group of instrumentalists and singers. Among them was people's artist D. Nurpeisova. In a short time on the concert stage of the Kazakh Philharmonic sounded real masterpieces of vocal lyrics - it was a Kazakh and Russian folk songs were performed by Kazakh singer Kulyash Baiseitova.

The first artistic Director of the Philharmonic society took a prominent scientist, a composer Akhmet Zhubanov. The following executives of the Kazakh Philharmonic society, namely, Brusilovsky, E., S. Mukhamedzhanov, B. Baikadamov, E. Rahmadiev, Amangeldiyev B., Ibraev T., Daulbaev A., Alpiyev, Etc, were also outstanding representatives of the Kazakh musical art.

To date, the composition of the Philharmonic society consists of such world renowned groups as the Academic folklore-ethnographic orchestra named AV N., The state Academic Symphony orchestra of the State wind orchestra, the State choir named after B. baykadamova, the State chamber orchestra "Academy of soloists", State string Quartet named after G. Zhubanova, Quintet of wooden wind instruments.

Decorate the concerts of the Kazakh Philharmonic society named after Jambul and performances of its talented soloists - people's artist N. Nusipzhan, honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, nesipbaeva, wonderful soloists Esimhanov D., Zh. Suleymenova, E. Kurmanayev, Ajupova, A. Bisengaliyev and others.