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The state puppet theatre in Almaty city is the oldest puppet theater in Kazakhstan. Puppet theatre is housed in a building erected in 1910 for the conduct of city cultural events. In 1919 this building housed the Verny city Committee of the CPSU(b). Also in the Soviet years it housed the Soviet theater, "Kazakhconcert" and the national Philharmonic. In 1980, the old building was transferred to the State puppet theatre.

The theater was founded in 1935 Since the founding of the theatre had two troupes - Russian and Kazakh. In 1938, the puppet theatre received the status of Republican.

The development of the theater is directly connected with the names V. S. Asuka and Taigaraev. During the formation of the theatre repertoire consisted mostly of dramatizations of legends and fairy tales. During the great Patriotic war the theater, being a member of front-line concert brigades, repeatedly went to the army.

Over the long history on the stage of puppet theater, dolls of all kinds from simple kinds to complex puppets. The theater has nurtured several generations of artists-puppeteers, professional actors, artists, film Directors, many of whom are already here for tens of years faithfully working in the theater. Today, the repertoire consists of 22 performances. The basis of it are the literary and folk tales and legends, foreign and Oriental classics. Today puppet theatre annually gives about 300 performances in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

2013 ended with a major restoration of the theatre building. Currently the theater has two halls: large - 215 spectators and small - for 50 people.

The state puppet theater is actively touring activities and is a winner and a winner of Republican and international contests and festivals.