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Kazakh drama theatre named M. O. Auezov

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Kazakh state academic drama theatre named after M. O. Auezov in Almaty is the cradle of Kazakh professional art. Its opening was held in January 1926 in Kzyl-Orda with the play of M. Auezov "Enlik-Kebek". And in 1929 the Kazakh theatre moved to the new capital of the Republic - Almaty and is located in the former building of the cinema "Orion". In 1937, the institution was awarded the title of academic.

Since inception, the staff of the theater consisted of eminent Directors of country, and first actors quickly achieved success, becoming the national artists of Soviet Kazakhstan. At the origins of the Kazakh theatre were such masters of folk art and Amateur art activities as: Dzhandarbekov, K., S. Kozhamkulov, M. Shamova, E. Umurzakov, atabaeva Z., Kuanyshbaev K., Bagirov K., I. Baizakov, A. Kashaubaev, K. Munaitpasov, Ashkeeva F., Baizakov S., Shanin J. and others.

In 1941-1945 the repertoire of the theater consisted of plays, dedicated to the heroic struggle of the Soviet people. With the end of the Second world war, the theater began a new life in the second half of the twentieth century was the participant of many international festivals held in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The most significant productions in 40-80-ies. was: "a Career of conscience," "Friendship and love" Abisheva, "Hard fate", "Yesterday and today" Khusainov, "One tree - not a forest" tazhibaeva, "Millionaire" Mustafina, "In exile", "wolf Cub under the hat" and "the Matchmaker came" Mukhamedzhanova, "the Heart of a poet" Shashkin and many others.

In 1961 the Kazakh academic theatre was named after the famous Soviet Kazakh writer, playwright and scientist Mukhtar Auezov omarkhanovich. In 1982 the theatre was provided with a new building, erected under the project of architects M. Zhaksalykov, O. Baymurzayev and A. Kaynarbayev. The big theatre room has a capacity of 756 spectators, small hall - 276 spectators.