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The regional Philharmonic. E. Umurzakova

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One of the main concert institutions in the Northern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the Regional Philharmonic society of a name of E. umurzakova, located in the city of Kostanay.

The opening of the Philharmonic took place in 1944 and was caused by necessity of unification of national art troupes to promote concert activities, as well as aid in the transformation of the city into a center of musical culture of the area. Founded during the great Patriotic war the Philharmonic hall in Kostanay has withstood all the test of time.

The first concert program of the Philharmonic was introduced in March 1944 at the regional drama theatre. The concert program was attended by people's artists of the Kazakh SSR E. Umurzakov, M. koyshibayev, composer si-Sin-Hai, is a founder of the Chinese symphonic music, the young artists of Kostanay: K. Telemisov, Bekmuhamedova, S. Zhakupov, R. Kasymov, K. Zhumankulova, K. Abenov, N. Ismuhambetov, K. Z. Koishybaeva Catalina and many others. From one year to the polished acting of the soloists, performers and collectives of the Philharmonic, which was treasured by literary and musical traditions.

Philharmonic society of a name of E. umurzakova brings together many specialists from different fields of art, allowing it to participate in various international competitions.

Today Kostanay regional Philharmonic society of a name of E. umurzakova has concentrated to the top 18 teams which were highly appreciated not only in Kazakhstan, but also provide Russian and foreign audience.