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Holy Zinovievsky Church

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Holy Zinovievsky Church is in the heart of New Sogra, lane Fishing. The history of this temple began in 1995, It was officially registered Orthodox community.

Initially, the te Deum and services, the community gathered in a private house, located on the street Yunnatov (today's Sunday school). However, increasing the size of the community was raised about the construction of the Orthodox Church.

As for the construction of the new temple required a lot of cash, consider about the restoration of the Church, which served as a Hieromartyr zenobius Sovinski. In the Soviet years, this building was repeatedly reconstructed and used for other purposes. First, there was a school, after - workshop for production of turning products, and then the building became private property and was used as a dumpling shop. Since 2000, no activity in this building was conducted, it remained in private ownership. To contact the owner to discuss the possibility of transfer or foreclosure of the building failed. And then it was decided to build a new temple.

The Foundation of the Church in the name of the Holy Martyr Zenobia Sohranskogo took place in 2002 after a year the Church commenced worship.

Beautiful five-domed brick building executed in the best traditions of eclectic style, typical of Russian religious architecture of the late XIX - early XX art.

Grand opening of Holy Zinoviev temple took place in September 2003, and his consecration in September 2005 the Rite of sanctification was performed by the Head of the Kazakhstan Metropolitan district, Metropolitan of Astana and Almaty Methodius (Nemtsov) - today, Metropolitan of Perm and Solikamsk, and until 2010 headed the diocese.