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The Cathedral of the Annunciation

Photos and description

The Annunciation Cathedral - a unique architectural construction in the city of Pavlodar, which is one of the most beautiful churches of Kazakhstan.

In 1990 the Archbishop of Alma-ATA and Kazakhstan Alexis (Kutepov) blessed the construction of the Annunciation Cathedral in Pavlodar. In may of the same year, the Pavlodar city Council of people's deputies has allocated for the construction of the temple land. In fact, the construction of the Shrine began in 1993 and ended in the fall of 1999. Local architects decided to build a Cathedral on the model of one of the temples of the Moscow Kremlin.

Reinforced concrete dome of the Annunciation Cathedral - the largest in Kazakhstan. Arches and vaults of the Church are made of red brick. The Cathedral is crowned with seven cupolas, which symbolize the seven sacraments and the seven Ecumenical councils. In the belfry are three more domes, symbolizing the Holy Trinity. Dome covered with Golden metal. The roof of the temple was made in Novosibirsk of galvanized iron with special technology. The main cross above the Cathedral rises to 51 m. the Bells were cast in Moscow. Only the bell tower has 9 bells, the weight of the big bell 1024 kg, and the smallest is 4 lbs.

The iconostasis of the Annunciation Cathedral made by masters of the art-production enterprise "Sofrino" of the Russian Orthodox Church in and was installed in April 2000, the feast of the Annunciation. Three-tiered iconostasis width of 27 m, at the top is 8 m. the height of the main chandeliers - 6,5 m, diameter - 3.5 m, weight - 2 tons 232 kg.

In 1999, near the Annunciation Cathedral was built a chapel dedicated to the Wonderworker Nicholas. In 2002-2003, the chapel was painted in Pavlodar painters.

In the lower floor of the temple in a separate room is the baptismal room with a large plunge pool. The Cathedral also has Sunday school.