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Agenskalna Baptist Church

Agenskalna Baptist Church was built from 1913 to 1916 the design of the Church was drafted by architect A. Vanags. According to the original plan the Church was to be made in the forms of neo-romanticism. In the structure of the building was dominated by the asymmetry. The façade was made in the form of asymmetrically placed 3-storey tower and 2-storey buildings. The tower was crowned by a pyramidal roof, and the case had oak pediment, made in the style of romanticism in the center of which was located the portal.

As a result, a Church was built differed from the design of A. Vanags. The Church tower was built only in 1936, she was more pointed than in the project. On the ground floor there was an entrance hall and 2 small corduroy hall, the second room of the parish. In 1933 the building was installed a new organ.

During the Second World war and after Agenskalna Baptist Church did not stop their work. The last service was held in the Church in 1961 as the room took the Soviet government. And in the period from 1961 to 1991, the congregation assembled in the temple the Riga Baptist parish Mateja. The Church building was converted into a television Studio. The result of this restructuring was demolished the tower, a new Annex building, located parallel to the premises of the parish.

Agenskalna Baptist Church was the first temple, which was to return from the ownership of the Soviet regime. When the temple was to return to the parish by the architect L. Skuja began reconstruction work. The result of the repair works of the premises of the parish was still higher than it was, in addition, was equipped with special lights. The place where the altar was decorated with tapestry. On the second floor was a small room of the parish.

The founding date of Agenskalns Baptist parish is considered to be 1879, and in 1884 he was officially registered. The first parish Church was built in 1888. Then it was located on the temple street 2. In 1916 was built the Baptist Church. And in 1939, near the Agenskalna grammar Baptist Church built a boarding house for the elderly. The architect of this project was A. Schmeling. The boarding house was called "Sunset".

The Church was returned to the parish only in 1989, a few years back and the boarding house. Since 1993, in a boarding house begins its work in Riga first Christian school. Today in the building of the Guesthouse is the Institute of the Bible.