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Arysskiy lake castle

Arysskiy lake castle located in the settlement Arashi, 7 km South of cēsis. The castle is a reconstruction drevnekitaiskogo water castle. The construction of the ancient Latgales the 9th century was reconstructed on the basis of the remains of wooden structures and various ancient objects discovered during archaeological excavations.

Place Arashi is one of the few in the country, where they found the remains of a mammoth. Lake Arashi in the distant past was much larger. Currently, the area is about 30 hectares, maximum depth reaches 11 meters. In this lake district in ancient times was the natural emergence of so-called "lake of castles". Yralskiy the castle is the most extensively investigated among the castles of this type, therefore, the idea of the reconstruction of the castle and the opening of the Museum under the open sky.

Visitors Arysskoe lake castle often wonder why this handful of wooden buildings called the castle. If the summer water barrier can be considered a certain protection from invasion, in the winter, when water in a lake freezes, the wooden houses from the attack, nothing would be able to protect. However, in ancient times, the climate in the area where today is the castle that was somewhat warmer, and in winter the lake if frozen, just for a moment. So in winter time the lake was also a protection for the settlements. So archaeologists call these structures the castle.

Interest Arysskoe to the ruins of the castle appeared in 1876, then Assisi Earl K.-G., Sievers opened the castle as a monument to the belief that it is the remains of the raft of the stone age. Later were given different hypotheses about the origin of these structures and figuring out what they were really. However, excavations to confirm a particular hypothesis, nobody spent.

In the period from 1959 to 1964 during the survey of underwater archaeological monuments of Latvia in the lakes region were found the remains of 9 villages. Similar to what was discovered on Erisscon the lake. It became clear that it was possible to open a new category of archaeological sites. For a large-scale research chose Arysskiy lake castle. The studies were conducted from 1965 to 1979 under the leadership of J. Apals.

As a result of excavations, it became clear that the lake settlement was established in the 9th-10th CC, lived it the largest of the ancient Latvian tribes community in Latgale. The Foundation of the dwellings have been preserved almost completely, the partially preserved remains of wooden buildings. To study the lock, scientists descended to the bottom with scuba diving. Remains of buildings covered with thick layer of silt. Were found not only the wooden structures but also different artifacts: pottery, vessels, etc.

For the entire period archaeological site was found about 150 buildings. The castle itself was a complex of buildings located on a rectangular timbered flooring. The castle consisted of 5 rows of smoky huts and outbuildings, which were located around the Playground in 4 rows. Between homes passed streets, width from a half to three and a half meters. Around the castle were lined with log walls, to protect him. The shore, the castle connected the fill embankment. It is assumed that the castle was inhabited by different sectors of society, as evidenced by the artifacts found and discovered dwellings, which vary in size and volume.

What remains of the castle were under water, explained very easily. Before the water level in the lakes was much lower than nowadays. However, in the 10th century, in the Northern hemisphere, a period of high humidity with frequent rains. As a result, the water level in the lakes rose rapidly. Water mothballed buildings, and thus remains preserved to the present day. Museum Arysskoe lake castle was founded in 1983. Today, there are various holidays and events.