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Bazaar Berga

Bazaar Berga is a historic ensemble of buildings between Elizabetes, Dzirnavu and Marijas, Riga, designed by Konstantin Pekshens.

Kristaps Kalnins was born in 1843 on a farm Bismuiza (Dobele district, Latvia) in the family of a laborer. At age 16 he got to Riga, and since then was presented by Kristaps Bergs, as in all the best places were in the possession of the Germans. Later he became a famous holder of houses, industrialist and philanthropist. In 1875, Berg built his first apartment house on the street Elizabetes-10 in conjunction with the architect Janis Baumanis, who later designed it each year.

In 1887 it was intended the construction of the Bazaar which is a shopping complex for pedestrians, which would, on the idea of Berg, was part of TORGOVYJJ Dvor, passage and gallery. Housing from the street Marias found their eclectic facades. In the following year appeared the building from the street Dzirnavu. And after 4 years they were joined by business line with a Grand entrance from Elizabeth street. In 1895 appeared the last thing the poor and hastily constructed, 4-storey stucco building in the alleys of the market where it is currently located at the hotel. And finally, in 1900, was built 6-storey and the luxury home market located on the corner of Marijas and Elizabetes street. For merchants was equipped with 131 seats, which were immediately occupied.

Bazaar Berg was unique. But the Berg, at the laying of the first stones had other ideas about the purpose of his creation. Kristaps Kalnins, being a simple guy from the village, wanted to feel in the place is more native spirit. The upper floors were given over to Inns, where in 1888 at the third song festival is 800 performers. Also in the Bazaar Berga housed and stables.

After the death of Berg, his sons took care of the market correctly at first, but a lot of the buildings here are not built. In 1909 the building on Dzirnavu street was fitted with Sewerage and water supply.

In 1912, Arved Berg bought a new land from the street Elizabetes. Here he was about to remove a wooden building from 1815 and is built in which no value and use is not seen, and in its place erect a 5-storey apartment house. Berga didn't like the wooden houses in the market, but despite this, and demolished 2 houses of 3 ex. But ultimately, the ideas of Berg and was not true.

After the First World war the owners of the market, though, didn't care what was happening with the pre-war pride. For the sake of profit. patched all the arcades along the streets, made the yards, workshops, full of scandals. But in 1982, it was intended to demolish half the buildings in the next 18 years to build a perfect socialist Paradise of shopping, Parking and management, whose borders adjoined to Krisjana Barona street. The reality proved to be not so violently, as the heirs of Berg in 1994, organized the reconstruction of the Bazaar Berga much softer and gentler than and reached its initial gloss.

Currently, the Market of the Berg twice a month is available only in Riga market of Antiques, where you can buy Antiques and many other things-witnesses of the past.

You can also enjoy the most interesting works of Latvian craftsmen, and on the Green Bazaar you can get acquainted with the ideas of ecological agriculture of Latvia and the so-called Slow Food. Connoisseurs of good cuisine to try special quality of this food from the chefs at the best restaurants of Riga.